12L/Tag elektrischer Entfeuchter Luftentfeuchter Raumentfeuchter Luftentfeuchtungsgeräte Lufttrockner Raumtrockner Raumluftentfeuchter Raumentfeuchtungsgeräte Entfeuchtungsgerät Trocknungsgeräte für Schlafzimmer elektrisch

-Strong and flexible handle, universal castors: easy to move from.
-Continuous drainage outlet: insert the attached hose into the continuous drainage port, then the collected moisture can be continuous drained.
-Detachable and washable air filter: convenient to clean up the dust from blocking the filter.

Dehumidify max capacity: 12L/D(30°C, 80%RH)
Water tank max capacity: 1.5L
Noise: ≤45dB(A)
Usage temperature: 5°C-35°C
Rated voltage: AC220-240V/50Hz
Rated input power: 200W
Rated current: 1.2A
Refrigerant charge: R134a/115g
Suction side pressure: 0.5MPa
Discharge side pressure: 1.5MPa
Dimensions of product: 280x170x485mm
Net weight: 10kg

Notices (Please read notices before using ):
1.After delivered, keeping this unit in an up-right down position for 4-6 hours before using
2.Always keep the unit in an up-right down position to avoid water leakage.
3.The unit can not be operated within a narrow operating space. Leave at least 20cm space around the unit.
4.The ambient temperature range for the appliance is 5°C-35°C. Do not operate it in too cold or too hot environment.
6.Keep the air inlet/outlet free from air blocking materials such as paper,clothing and plastic bags.
7.Clean the washable air filter every 2 weeks. If the filter is blocked with dust, the efficiency will reduce.
8.Do not remove the float out of the water tank, otherwise, the machine will not stop to work when the water tank is full.
9.Turn off the unit and unplug it before any maintenance or repair to avoid electric shocks.
10.When not in use for long time, drain the water tank completely, unplug and fold up the power cable, make the air filter clean and dry and reinstall it, and store the unit in a cool and dry place.

1x Dehumidifier
1x 1m hose (9.5mm dia.)
1x User manual

WARRANTY: 24 months- Dehumidifying max capacity: 12L/day (at 30°C, 80%RH). Water tank max capacity: 1.5L movable water tank, it is convenient to move the tank alone to pour out the collected water rather than moving the whole machine.
– Water full protection: the unit will auto stop once the water tank is filled, water full indicator shows red and the unit will warn for 15 times.
– Quiet operation: low noise≤45dB(A). Energy saving design: 0.2 kWh low power consumption.
– Automatic defrosting system: it would work at low temperature efficiently, saving your energy. When the room temperature is 5°C-12°C, machine would defrost automatically for every 30min. When 13°C-20°C, machine would defrost automatically for every 45min.
– 0 bis 90°adjustable louvre air outlet: the clamshell top cap of the machine protects the dust dropping into the air outlet. Dry air coming out from different angles through the louvre make it work more efficiently in dehumidification.

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